PCE - PC Emulator

PCE/atarist is an Atari ST emulator. It emulates the various ST and Mega ST models on Unix-like and Windows host operating systems.

Emulated parts

CPU A complete MC68000 emulator
ROM An unmodified ROM image from an Atari ST is needed. Supported TOS versions are 1.00, 1.02, 1.04 and 2.06.
RAM Up to 14 MiB of memory are supported.
Video All 3 standard Atari ST video modes are supported. Special border effects, used by some demos and games, are not yet supported.
Sound Not yet supported
FDC Supported
ACSI Up to 7 harddisks are supported.
Serial port Supported
Parallel port Supported
Mouse Supported
Keyboard Supported
MIDI Output can be written to a standard MIDI file.